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Royal Furz is a pet product line for all types of pets that love to be spoiled and treated like Royalty!
We have scented but sensitive luxury shampoos, moisturizing conditioners, refreshing scented sprays and metal combs and brushes. All products are perfect for either home use or even the grooming salon for the groomer to use on your pet as well. Just bring in our Pack & Go Carry Tote to keep up with all your Royal selections and carry anywhere!

Royal Furz is a family business of five - mom, dad, a son and two teenage daughters, who love and are owners of many pets of their own that they spoil and treat like Royalty. 
Royal Furz was a dream/vision brought to life by mom, Belinda Johnson, because of her love for pets.

So now you’ve read about us, go to shop and start spoiling your pet with Royal Furz today!

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